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Int: Passed
Integer: Passed
Int8: Passed
Int16: Passed
Int32: Passed
Int64: Passed
Word: Passed
Word8: Passed
Word16: Passed
Word32: Passed
Word64: Passed
Double: Passed
Float: Passed
CChar: Passed
CSChar: Passed
CUChar: Passed
CShort: Passed
CUShort: Passed
CInt: Passed
CUInt: Passed
CLong: Passed
CULong: Passed
CPtrdiff: Passed
CSize: Passed
CWchar: Passed
CSigAtomic: Passed
CLLong: Passed
CULLong: Passed
CIntPtr: Passed
CUIntPtr: Passed
CIntMax: Passed
CUIntMax: Passed
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