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Lovelace Departure Card for the HASL Platform
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SL Departure Lovelace Card

hacs_badge ha_version version maintained License

Present departure times from HASL Combination sensors. Huge thanks to @dimmanramone for pimping the card!


Manual Installation

Copy hasl-departure-card.js to <config>/www/hasl-departure-card.js

Where <config> is your Home Assistant configuration directory. Then use the following in your ui-lovelace.yaml file:

  - url: /local/hasl-departure-card.js
    type: js



Name Type Required? Description Default
name string optional If specified it will not render titles per entitiy in the card, but rather have this as the card name. If not speficied it will render each sensors name. sensor-name
show_cardname bool optional Render card name. true
header bool optional Render headers in the such as "line", "destination" and "time". true
departures bool optional Render departure section. false
max_departures number optional Max departures to show, default to all.
deviations bool optional Render deviation section. false
max_deviations number optional Max deviations to show, defaults to all.
updated bool optional Render the last updated time section. false
timeleft bool optional Show as SL real time with minutes instead of time. If using adjust_times then this must be specified. false
adjust_times bool optional Calculate time left adjusted to last update. false
hide_departed bool optional This can hide already departured transports. false
offset number optional Add offset to the departures, so you can hide the ones you don't have enough time catch. 0
language string optional The texts will be rendered in this language. Can be one of sv-SE or en-EN.
compact bool optional Compact style of the card. true
tap_action string optional Action when tapping the card. Choose between info or service. info
tap_action_entity string optional The entity that the info dialog is going to show, default is the first entity of the card.
service_config object optional If service is chosen as a tap_action, service_config has to be configured and the following must be specified domain, service and data.

Basic setup

  - type: "custom:hasl-departure-card"
    header: false
    departures: true
    deviations: true
    timeleft: false
    updated: true
    name: Departures
    adjust_times: false
    hide_departed: false
    language: en-EN
      - sensor.hasl_name

Tap action examples

tap_action: info
tap_action_entity: info
tap_action: service
  domain: light
  service: turn_on
    entity_id: light.living_room
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