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Lovelace Traffic Status Card for the HASL Platform
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SL Traffic Status Lovelace Card

Present traffic status from HASL Combination sensors.


Manual Installation

Copy hasl-traffic-status-card.js to <config>/www/hasl-traffic-status-card.js

Where <config> is your Home Assistant configuration directory. Then use the following in your ui-lovelace.yaml file:

  - url: /local/hasl-traffic-status-card.js
    type: js

and use the card through this example:

  - type: custom:hasl-traffic-status-card
        name: Traffic Status
        language: en-EN
        show_time: false
        hide_events: false
        show_only_disturbances: false
          - sensor.traffic_status

Configuration variables

  • name (Optional): If specified it will not render titles per entitiy in the card, but rather have this as the card name. If not speficied it will render each sensors name

  • show_cardname: Render card name, default true

  • language (Optional): The texts will be rendered in this language. Can be one of sv-SE or en-EN

  • show_time (Optional): Render the time beside the name of the card, default false

  • hide_events (Optional): Hide all events and renders just the headers, default false

  • show_only_disturbances (Optional): Renders just disturbances in the traffic, default false

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