Sai : Mixins Extension and CSS Authoring Framework for LESS
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Sai : Mixins Extension for LESS & SASS

Reference website: Sai Mixins Extension

Sai is a Mixins extension and CSS Authoring Framework for LESS and SASS/SCSS.

This will help you increase performance and reduce time of writing CSS. So you don't need to worry about browsers prefix anymore!

This framework also offers a set of CSS for usual designs (such as make circle image) to help you make a beautiful website more easily than ever before.


In case of any bug, need more feature or anything to suggest, feel free and don't hesitate to contact me : )

Hassadee Pimsuwan

Or just create issue here in this GitHub repository.


Licensed under the MIT license:


Built with love ( ノ ◕ ω ◕)ノ ❤ * : ・ ゚✧

(This project is a part of Treebuild's open source projects).