Hassan Selim




    An all-in-one proxy tool, it scrapes websites for proxy lists, validates them, then sets them as your current proxy

    Updated May 21, 2016


    A bridge between FTP and Azure Storage

    Updated Mar 6, 2016


    MCWTK: A Web Interface for managing a Minecraft Server with a few nice features

    Updated Nov 27, 2015


    This was the project of my 4th semester Computer Programming course, it's like the regular checkers but with some extra messed up rules that we were forced to implement, the project was initially developed using Java, but I ported it to C# :)

    Updated Feb 14, 2012


    This is the code for my Bachelor Project, if you happen to have a first-gen Microsoft Surface try it and tell me what you think of it :)

    Updated Feb 13, 2012


    This is the the first Game I ever made (in Feb 2008), and the worst code I ever wrote! However, it is really fun to play :)

    Updated Feb 13, 2012