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Adds repository basics
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frenck committed Feb 12, 2019
1 parent d5c70c1 commit 795ea2e150211eca8ec1adb8759e96b6094b3a3c
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@@ -0,0 +1,19 @@
root = true

charset = utf-8
end_of_line = lf
indent_style = space
insert_final_newline = true
trim_trailing_whitespace = true
ident_size = 4

ident_size = 2
trim_trailing_whitespace = false

ident_size = 2

ident_size = 2
Validating CODEOWNERS rules …
@@ -0,0 +1,4 @@
# Require maintainer's :+1: for changes to the .github/ repo-config files
# mainly due to privilege escalation
.github/* @frenck
.gitlab-ci.yml @frenck
@@ -0,0 +1,20 @@
# Problem/Motivation

> (Why the issue was filed)
## Expected behavior

> (What you expected to happen)
## Actual behavior

> (What actually happened)
## Steps to reproduce

> (How can someone else make/see it happen)
## Proposed changes

> (If you have a proposed change, workaround or fix,
> describe the rationale behind it)
@@ -0,0 +1,9 @@
# Proposed Changes

> (Describe the changes and rationale behind them)
## Related Issues

> ([Github link][autolink-references] to related issues or pull requests)
@@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
"Type: Documentation": ["*.md", "*.j2"]
@@ -0,0 +1,50 @@
# Configuration for request-info -

# *OPTIONAL* Comment to reply with
# Can be either a string :
- "We would appreciate it if you could provide us with more info about this issue/pr!"
- "Hmmm... That issue/PR is kinda low on text. Could you please provide some more content?"

# *OPTIONAL* default titles to check against for lack of descriptiveness
requestInfoDefaultTitles: []

# *OPTIONAL* Label to be added to Issues and Pull Requests with insufficient information given
requestInfoLabelToAdd: "Incomplete"

# *OPTIONAL* Require Pull Requests to contain more information than what is provided in the PR template
# Will fail if the pull request's body is equal to the provided template
checkPullRequestTemplate: true

# *OPTIONAL* Only warn about insufficient information on these events type
# Keys must be lowercase. Valid values are 'issue' and 'pullRequest'
pullRequest: true
issue: true

# *OPTIONAL* Add a list of people whose Issues/PRs will not be commented on
# keys must be GitHub usernames
requestInfoUserstoExclude: []

# Configuration for new-issue-welcome -

# Comment to be posted to on first time issues
newIssueWelcomeComment: >
:wave: Thanks for opening your first issue here!
If you're reporting a :bug: bug, please make sure you include steps to reproduce it.
Also, logs, error messages and information about your hardware might be usefull.
# Configuration for new-pr-welcome -

# Comment to be posted to on PRs from first time contributors in your repository
newPRWelcomeComment: >
:sparkling_heart: Thanks for opening this pull request! :sparkling_heart:
If your PR gets accepted and merged in, we will invite you to the project :tada:
# Configuration for first-pr-merge -

# Comment to be posted to on pull requests merged by a first time user
firstPRMergeComment: >
Congrats on merging your first pull request! :tada::tada::tada:
@@ -0,0 +1,10 @@
# If true, this will add new contributors as outside collaborators
# to the repo their PR was merged in. Team name is ignored if this
# flag is set to true.
isOutside: false

# Specify team name to add new contributors to a specific team
# within your organization.
# Use team name or team-name-slug
team: Contributors
@@ -0,0 +1,20 @@
# Configuration for lock-threads -
# Number of days of inactivity before a closed issue or pull request is locked
daysUntilLock: 30

# Comment to post before locking. Set to `false` to disable
lockComment: >
This thread has been automatically locked because it has not had recent
activity. Please open a new issue for related bugs and link to relevant
comments in this thread.
# Issues or pull requests with these labels will not be locked
# exemptLabels:
# - no-locking

# Limit to only `issues` or `pulls`
# only: issues

# Add a label when locking. Set to `false` to disable
lockLabel: false
@@ -0,0 +1,20 @@
# Delete the command comment when it contains no other content
deleteCommand: true

# Close the source issue after moving
closeSourceIssue: true

# Lock the source issue after moving
lockSourceIssue: true

# Mention issue and comment authors
mentionAuthors: true

# Preserve mentions in the issue content
keepContentMentions: false

# Set custom aliases for targets
# aliases:
# r: repo
# or: owner/repo
@@ -0,0 +1,13 @@
# Configuration for probot-no-response -
# Number of days of inactivity before an Issue is closed for lack of response
daysUntilClose: 14
# Label requiring a response
responseRequiredLabel: "Status: Awaiting response"
# Comment to post when closing an Issue for lack of response. Set to `false` to disable
closeComment: >
This issue has been automatically closed because there has been no response
to our request for more information from the original author. With only the
information that is currently in the issue, we don't have enough information
to take action. Please reach out if you have or find the answers we need so
that we can investigate further.
@@ -0,0 +1,14 @@
# Label name and color to set, when potential duplicates are detected
issueLabel: "Potential duplicate"
labelColor: e6e6e6

# If similarity is higher than this threshold, issue will be marked as duplicate
threshold: 0.70

# Comment to post when potential duplicates are detected
referenceComment: >
Potential duplicates found:
- [#{{ number }}] {{ title }} ({{ accuracy }}%)
@@ -0,0 +1,150 @@
description: "Nginx Proxy Manager - Community Add-on for Home Assistant"
topics: Nginx Proxy Manager, nginx, proxy, networking, hassio-addons, hassio, hass, home-assistant, homeassistant
private: false
has_issues: true
has_projects: false
has_wiki: false
has_downloads: false
default_branch: master
allow_squash_merge: true
allow_merge_commit: false
allow_rebase_merge: true
# Priority labels
- name: "Priority: Critical"
color: ee0701
description: "This should be dealt with ASAP. Not fixing this issue would be a serious error."
- name: "Priority: High"
color: b60205
description: "After critical issues are fixed, these should be dealt with before any further issues."
- name: "Priority: Medium"
color: 0e8a16
description: "This issue may be useful, and needs some attention."
- name: "Priority: Low"
color: e4ea8a
description: "Nice addition, maybe... someday..."

# Type labels
- name: "Type: Bug"
color: ee0701
description: "Inconsistencies or issues which will cause a problem for users or implementors."
- name: "Type: Documentation"
color: 0052cc
description: "Solely about the documentation of the project."
- name: "Type: Enhancement"
color: 1d76db
description: "Enhancement of the code, not introducing new features."
- name: "Type: Feature"
color: 0e8a16
description: "New features or options."
- name: "Type: Support"
color: 5319e7
description: "Marks an issue as an support ticket."
- name: "Type: Discussion"
color: d4c5f9
description: "Marks an issue as an generic discussion ticket."
- name: "Type: Maintaince"
color: 2af79e
description: "Generic maintaince tasks, e.g., package updates."

# Additional markers
- name: "Security"
color: ee0701
description: "Marks an security issues that needs to be resolved asap."
- name: "Idea"
color: fef2c0
description: "Marks an idea, which might be excepted and implemented."
- name: "Incomplete"
color: fef2c0
description: "Marks an PR or issue that is missing information."
- name: "Pull request"
color: fbca04
description: "There is an PR opened for this issue."
- name: "Accepted"
color: c2e0c6
description: "This issue or PR has been accepted."
- name: "Declined"
color: f9d0c4
description: "This issue or PR has been declined."
- name: "Potential duplicate"
color: e6e6e6
description: "This issue has been automatically marked as a potential duplicate."

# Ongoing Status labels
- name: "Status: Triage"
color: fbca04
description: "This issue needs to be triaged."
- name: "Status: On hold"
color: cccccc
description: "Issue or PR that has been placed on hold for now."
- name: "Status: In progress"
color: fbca04
description: "Issue is currently being resolved by a developer."
- name: "Status: Stale"
color: fef2c0
description: "There has not been activity on this issue or PR for quite some time."
- name: "Status: Awaiting response"
color: fef2c0
description: "Issue or PR awaits response from the creator."
- name: "Status: Blocked"
color: fef2c0
description: "Progress on this issue is currently not possible."

# Closing status labels
- name: "Closed: Known limitation"
color: e6e6e6
description: "Issue is closed, it is a known limitation."
- name: "Closed: Expected behavior"
color: e6e6e6
description: "Issues is closed, it is expected behavior."
- name: "Closed: Duplicate"
color: e6e6e6
description: "Issue is closed, duplicate of an existing issue."
- name: "Closed: Invalid"
color: e6e6e6
description: "Issue is closed, marked as not a valid issue (e.g., an user error)."
- name: "Closed: Wrong repository"
color: e6e6e6
description: "Issue is closed, was created in the wrong repository."
- name: "Closed: Won't Fix"
color: e6e6e6
description: "Issue is closed, it won't be fixed."
- name: "Closed: Done"
color: c2e0c6
description: "Issue closed, work on this issue has been marked complete."

# Others
- name: "Beginner Friendly"
color: 0e8a16
description: "Good first issue for people wanting to contribute to the project."
- name: "Help wanted"
color: 0e8a16
description: "We need some extra helping hands or expertise in order to resolve this."
- name: "Hacktoberfest"
description: "Issues/PRs are participating in the Hacktoberfest"
color: fbca04

- name: master
# required_approving_review_count: 1
dismiss_stale_reviews: true
require_code_owner_reviews: true
users: []
- Admins
- Masters
strict: false
contexts: []
enforce_admins: false
users: []
- Admins
- Masters

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