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add explicit rspec require in spec_helper #64

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pravi commented Oct 18, 2012

It is required for automatic building of debian packages from the gem file.


It is not meant to. Which command are you using to run tests?

JonRowe commented Mar 3, 2013

Agree with @josevalim, this shouldn't be necessary, RSpec is the only thing that should be loading the spec_helper and thus already is loaded. This shouldn't be loaded by any package based on it, if it is your intention to distribute Warden via a .deb and this is causing you issues, consider fixing your build process to exclude test files. Or if you are trying to run the tests as part of a build/deploy process, consider making rspec and rake a dependency of your package and running the tests as they are meant to be.

hassox commented Mar 12, 2013

Is this still a problem or are you able to update the debian package?

@pravi pravi closed this Mar 13, 2013
hassox commented Mar 14, 2013

Great thanks :)

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