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This Emacs addon is useful for interactive testing and debugging hand-written HTTP requests:

  1. Activate http-twiddle-mode with M-x.
  2. Write your request.
  3. C-c C-c (re)sends the request.

(C-u C-c C-c to change the destination or port.)

The request can either be written from scratch or you can paste it from a snoop/tcpdump and then twiddle from there.

The mode will also activate automatically when opening a filename ending with .http-twiddle.


Try M-x http-twiddle-mode-demo in Emacs for a simple get-started example.

If the Content-Length header is not written out (like in the examples below) it'll be added automatically on send.


GET /user/bob/ HTTP/1.1
[blank line here]


POST /user/create/ HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: text/xml
Connection: close



Version 1.0 was written by Luke Gorrie in February 2006 and released to the public domain.

Maintained by Hasan Veldstra and contributors since September 2008.