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local parent, ns = ...
local oUF = ns.oUF
local Private = oUF.Private
local enableTargetUpdate = Private.enableTargetUpdate
-- Handles unit specific actions.
function oUF:HandleUnit(object, unit)
local unit = object.unit or unit
if(unit == 'target') then
object:RegisterEvent('PLAYER_TARGET_CHANGED', object.UpdateAllElements)
elseif(unit == 'mouseover') then
object:RegisterEvent('UPDATE_MOUSEOVER_UNIT', object.UpdateAllElements)
elseif(unit == 'focus') then
object:RegisterEvent('PLAYER_FOCUS_CHANGED', object.UpdateAllElements)
elseif(unit:match'%w+target' or unit:match'(boss)%d?$' == 'boss') then
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