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Runebar not updating #3

ghost opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Chris Bannister
Deleted user

As the title says, using runes doesnt update it.

On a side note, shouldn't it be .Runes instead of .runes, to match the rest of the elements?

Chris Bannister

Helps if you post something, such as the relavent parts from your layout.

Deleted user

I just spawned it right off in the layout, no functions to modify it, no if checks except of unit is player and playerclass is dk.

Here is the full code:
if(unit == 'player' and select(2, UnitClass('player')) == 'DEATHKNIGHT') then
self.runes = CreateFrame('Frame', nil, self)
self.runes:SetPoint('TOPLEFT', self, 'BOTTOMLEFT', 0, -1)
self.runes:SetBackdropColor(0, 0, 0)
self.runes.anchor = 'TOPLEFT'
self.runes.growth = 'RIGHT'

    for index = 1, 6 do
        self.runes[index] = CreateFrame('StatusBar', nil, self.runes)

        self.runes[index].bg = self.runes[index]:CreateTexture(nil, 'BACKGROUND')
        self.runes[index].bg:SetTexture(0.3, 0.3, 0.3)
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