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oUF 1.5

oUF is a custom unit frame framework built upon the World of Warcraft API. Its goal is to release developers from the pain of updating the frame, and let them so to say freely focus on the interface itself.


Currently the a.b.c scheme is used for versioning. Out of these three values only b and c are important. b is used to represent the current API compatibility. While c is used to represent current maintenance release on that API branch. The basic idea is that API breakage isn’t allowed without increasing the API compatibility number to reflect this. A example would be that a layout released for oUF 1.3.1 should work when oUF has been updated to 1.3.28. In other words, breaking changes made without a API bump is considered a bug in oUF.

API Documentation and Reference

  1. Core
    1. Layouts / Styles
    2. Objects
      1. Events
      2. Element handling
      3. Tags
        1. Syntax
        2. Usage
  2. Elements
    1. General usage
    2. Assistant
    3. Auras
    4. Casting bar
    5. Combat icon
    6. Combo points
    7. Eclipse bar
    8. Heal Prediction
    9. Health bar
    10. Holy Power
    11. Leader icon
    12. LFD roles
    13. Master Looter
    14. Phase icon
    15. Portraits
    16. Power bar
    17. PvP icon
    18. Quest icon
    19. Range fader
    20. Ready check icon
    21. Resting icon
    22. Raid icons
    23. Runes bar
    24. Soul Shards
    25. Threat icon
    26. Vehicle swapper
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