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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Some content in this script is covered under a Creative commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 licence
Regexes were adapted from Wikipedia AFC Helper project
*Submissions.js [1]
*core.js [2]
Scripts to run the clean logic on AFC pending submissions.
Up to Line 1219 of the submissions.js logic is implemented
Syntax: python [-from:UNDERSCORED_CATEGORY]
# (C) Rob W.W. Hooft, 2004
# (C) Daniel Herding, 2004
# (C) Wikipedian, 2004-2008
# (C) leogregianin, 2004-2008
# (C) Cyde, 2006-2010
# (C) Anreas J Schwab, 2007
# (C) xqt, 2009-2012
# (C) Pywikipedia team, 2008-2012
# (C) Hasteur, 2013
__version__ = '$Id$'
# Distributed under the terms of the MIT license.
import os, re, pickle, bz2, time, datetime, sys, logging
from dateutil.relativedelta import relativedelta
import wikipedia as pywikibot
import catlib, config, pagegenerators
from pywikibot import i18n
from db_handle import *
# This is required for the text that is shown when you run this script
# with the parameter -help.
docuReplacements = {
'&params;': pagegenerators.parameterHelp
cfd_templates = {
'wikipedia' : {
'en':[u'cfd', u'cfr', u'cfru', u'cfr-speedy', u'cfm', u'cfdu'],
'fi':[u'roskaa', u'poistettava', u'korjattava/nimi', u'yhdistettäväLuokka'],
'he':[u'הצבעת מחיקה', u'למחוק'],
'nl':[u'categorieweg', u'catweg', u'wegcat', u'weg2']
'commons' : {
'commons':[u'cfd', u'move']
class CategoryDatabase:
'''This is a temporary knowledge base saving for each category the contained
subcategories and articles, so that category pages do not need to be loaded
over and over again
def __init__(self, rebuild = False, filename = 'category.dump.bz2'):
if rebuild:
if not os.path.isabs(filename):
filename = pywikibot.config.datafilepath(filename)
f = bz2.BZ2File(filename, 'r')
pywikibot.output(u'Reading dump from %s'
% pywikibot.config.shortpath(filename))
databases = pickle.load(f)
# keys are categories, values are 2-tuples with lists as entries.
self.catContentDB = databases['catContentDB']
# like the above, but for supercategories
self.superclassDB = databases['superclassDB']
del databases
# If something goes wrong, just rebuild the database
def rebuild(self):
def getSubcats(self, supercat):
'''For a given supercategory, return a list of Categorys for all its
subcategories. Saves this list in a temporary database so that it won't
be loaded from the server next time it's required.
# if we already know which subcategories exist here
if supercat in self.catContentDB:
return self.catContentDB[supercat][0]
subcatlist = supercat.subcategoriesList()
articlelist = supercat.articlesList()
# add to dictionary
self.catContentDB[supercat] = (subcatlist, articlelist)
return subcatlist
def getArticles(self, cat):
'''For a given category, return a list of Pages for all its articles.
Saves this list in a temporary database so that it won't be loaded from the
server next time it's required.
# if we already know which articles exist here
if cat in self.catContentDB:
return self.catContentDB[cat][1]
subcatlist = cat.subcategoriesList()
articlelist = cat.articlesList()
# add to dictionary
self.catContentDB[cat] = (subcatlist, articlelist)
return articlelist
def getSupercats(self, subcat):
# if we already know which subcategories exist here
if subcat in self.superclassDB:
return self.superclassDB[subcat]
supercatlist = subcat.supercategoriesList()
# add to dictionary
self.superclassDB[subcat] = supercatlist
return supercatlist
def dump(self, filename = 'category.dump.bz2'):
'''Saves the contents of the dictionaries superclassDB and catContentDB
to disk.
if not os.path.isabs(filename):
filename = pywikibot.config.datafilepath(filename)
if self.catContentDB or self.superclassDB:
pywikibot.output(u'Dumping to %s, please wait...'
% pywikibot.config.shortpath(filename))
f = bz2.BZ2File(filename, 'w')
databases = {
'catContentDB': self.catContentDB,
'superclassDB': self.superclassDB
# store dump to disk in binary format
pickle.dump(databases, f, protocol=pickle.HIGHEST_PROTOCOL)
except pickle.PicklingError:
except EnvironmentError:
pywikibot.output(u'Database is empty. %s removed'
% pywikibot.config.shortpath(filename))
class CategoryListifyRobot:
'''Creates a list containing all of the members in a category.'''
def __init__(self, catTitle, listTitle, editSummary, overwrite = False, showImages = False, subCats = False, talkPages = False, recurse = False):
self.editSummary = editSummary
self.overwrite = overwrite
self.showImages = showImages = pywikibot.getSite() = catlib.Category(, 'Category:' + catTitle)
self.catTitle = catTitle
self.list = pywikibot.Page(, listTitle)
self.subCats = subCats
self.talkPages = talkPages
self.recurse = recurse
def run(self):
global logger
listOfArticles = = self.recurse)
if self.subCats:
listOfArticles +=
listString = ""
#Take this out once the full authorization has been given for this bot
for article in listOfArticles:
def clean_submission(page):
global logger
print '-*'*20
print page.title()
page_text = page.get()
page_text = uncomment_categories(page_text)
page_text = fix_afc_comment(page_text)
page_text = afcHelper_cleanup(page_text)
page_text = remove_bolding_in_headlines(page_text)
page_text = disable_categories(page_text)
page_text = line_1188_replacements(page_text)
page_text = line_1200_replacements(page_text)
page_text = relocate_stubs(page_text)
page_text = adjust_afc_comments(page_text)
page_text = adjust_submissions(page_text,page._namespace)
page.put(newtext = page_text,
comment = '[[Wikipedia:Bots/Requests for approval/HasteurBot 6|HasteurBot Task 6]]: Cleaning AfC submission'
print '-'*20
def adjust_submissions(page_text,namespace):
global logger
imp_text = page_text
submissions_list = re.findall('\{\{\s*afc submission\s*\|\s*(?:[t|r|d]?)\|(?:[\s\w\|=]*)\|\s*ts\s*=\s*(?:[0-9]{14}|\{\{REVISIONTIMESTAMP\}\})(?:[\s\w\|=]*)\}\}',page_text,re.I)
sub_list = []
if len(submissions_list) > 0:
print "Adjusting at least 1 stubmission"
for sub_item in submissions_list:
#Strip the template out, it's for a good purpose
imp_text = imp_text.replace(sub_item,'')
#Adjust some parameters that are troublesome.
sub_item = sub_item.replace('{{REVISIONTIMESTAMP}}','99999999999998')
sub_item = re.sub('\|\s*small\s*=\s*yes\s*','|',sub_item)
sub_item = re.sub('\s*\|\s*ns\s*=[0-9]{0,3}\s*','|ns='+str(namespace),sub_item)
match_sub ="(?P<template>[\w+\s+]+)\|(?P<status>\w?)\|[\w|\s\|]+ts=(?P<timestamp>[0-9]{14})",sub_item)
sub_timestamp ='timestamp')
sub_status ='status')
sub_dict = {
"template" : sub_item,
"time": sub_timestamp,
"status": sub_status
sub_list.extend( [ sub_dict])
sort1 = sorted(sub_list, key=lambda template: template["time"], reverse = True)
sort2 = sorted(sort1, key=lambda template: template["status"])
no_draft = True
has_pending = False
template_string = ''
for template in sort2:
if template['status'] == '' and has_pending == False:
template_string = template_string + template['template']
no_draft = False
has_pending = True
elif template['status'] == 't' and no_draft == True:
template_string = template_string + template['template']
no_draft = False
elif template['status'] not in ('', 't'):
template_string = template_string + template['template']
no_draft = False
imp_text = template_string + '\n' + imp_text
imp_text = imp_text.replace('99999999999998','{{subst:REVISIONTIMESTAMP}}')
return imp_text
def adjust_afc_comments(page_text):
imp_text = page_text
comment_list = re.findall('\{\{\s*afc comment\s*\|1\=[\s|\S]*?\}\}',page_text)
comment_fix = []
if len(comment_list) >0:
print "Adjusting at least 1 AFC comment"
for comment_item in comment_list:
imp_text = imp_text.replace(comment_item, '')
comment_string = ''
for comment in comment_list:
comment_string = comment_string + comment
imp_text = comment_string + '\n' + imp_text
return imp_text
def relocate_stubs(page_text):
global logger
stub_list = re.findall('\{\{\s*-*[Ss]tub\}\}',page_text)
if len(stub_list) == 0:
return page_text
print "Relocating at least 1 stub"
imp_text = re.sub('\{\{\s*-*[Ss]tub\}\}','',page_text)
for stub_item in stub_list:
imp_text += "\n"+stub_item
return imp_text
def line_1188_replacements(page_text):
global logger
imp_text = re.sub('\<\!--Please don\'t change anything and press save --\>','',page_text)
imp_text = re.sub('\<\!-- Just press the \"Save page\" button below without changing anything! Doing so will submit your article submission for review. Once you have saved this page you will find a new yellow \'Review waiting\' box at the bottom of your submission page. If you have submitted your page previously, the old pink \'Submission declined\' template or the old grey \'Draft\' template will still appear at the top of your submission page, but you should ignore them. Again, please don\'t change anything in this text box. Just press the \"Save page\" button below. --\>','',imp_text)
imp_text = re.sub('== Request review at \[\[WP:AFC\]\] ==\n?','',imp_text)
#imp_text = re.sub('(?:<\s*references\s*>([\S\s]*)<\/references>|<\s*references\s*\/\s*>)','{{reflist|refs=\g<1>',imp_text)
#imp_text = re.sub('{{reflist|refs=}}','{{reflist}}',imp_text)
imp_text = re.sub('\{\{(userspacedraft|userspace draft|user sandbox|Please leave this line alone \(sandbox heading\))(?:\{\{[^{}]*\}\}|[^}{])*\}\}','',imp_text)
imp_text = re.sub('<!--\s*-->','',imp_text)
imp_text = re.sub('^----+$','',imp_text)
if imp_text != page_text:
print "Line 1188 replacements triggered"
return imp_text
return page_text
def line_1200_replacements(page_text):
global logger
imp_text = re.sub('\<\/ref\>\s*,*\<ref','</ref><ref',page_text)
if imp_text != page_text:
print "Line 1200 replacements triggered"
return imp_text
return page_text
def remove_bolding_in_headlines(page_text):
global logger
#Line 1178 test
imp_text = re.sub('[\s\n]*(={2,})\s*(?:\s*<big>|\s*\'\'\')*\s*(.*?)\s*(?:\s*<\/big>|\s*\'\'\')*\s*?(={2,})[\n\s]*',"\n\g<1> \g<2> \g<1>", page_text)
if imp_text != page_text:
print "Removed some bolding"
return imp_text
return page_text
def disable_categories(page_text):
global logger
#Line 1110 test
imp_text = re.sub('\[\[Category:', '[[:Category:',page_text)
if imp_text != page_text:
print "Disabled some categories"
return imp_text
return page_text
def fix_afc_comment(page_text):
global logger
#Line 1070 test
imp_text = re.sub('\{\{afc comment(?!\s*\|\s*1\s*=)\s*\}\}\s*(.*?)\s*[\r\n]',
'{{afc comment|1=\g<1>}}',page_text)
if imp_text != page_text:
print "Fixed AFC comments"
return imp_text
return page_text
def afcHelper_cleanup(page_text):
global logger
#Line 258 (core.js) test
imp_text = re.sub('(\[){1,2}(?:https?:)?\/\/(\/wiki|\/([^\s\|\]\[]+)(\s|\|)?((?:\[\[[^\[\]]*\]\]|[^\]\[])*)(\]){1,2}', internal_rewrite, page_text)
if imp_text != page_text:
print "Rewriting internal links"
return imp_text
return page_text
def internal_rewrite(matchobj):
global logger
pagename ='_',' ')
displayname ='_', ' ')
if pagename == displayname:
displayname = ''
if displayname != '':
replacetext = '[[%s|%s]]' % (pagename,displayname)
return replacetext
return pagename
def uncomment_categories(page_text):
global logger
#Line 1067 test
imp_text = re.sub('\<!--\s*((\[\[:{0,1}(Category:.*?)\]\]\s*)+)--\>',
if imp_text != page_text:
print "Categories uncommented"
return imp_text
return page_text
def main(*args):
global catDB
global logger
fromGiven = False
toGiven = False
batchMode = False
editSummary = ''
inPlace = False
overwrite = False
showImages = False
talkPages = False
recurse = False
withHistory = False
titleRegex = None
pagesonly = False
# This factory is responsible for processing command line arguments
# that are also used by other scripts and that determine on which pages
# to work on.
genFactory = pagegenerators.GeneratorFactory()
# The generator gives the pages that should be worked upon.
gen = None
# If this is set to true then the custom edit summary given for removing
# categories from articles will also be used as the deletion reason.
useSummaryForDeletion = True
catDB = CategoryDatabase()
action = None
sort_by_last_name = False
restore = False
create_pages = False
action = 'listify'
for arg in pywikibot.handleArgs(*args):
if arg.startswith('-from:'):
oldCatTitle = arg[len('-from:'):].replace('_', ' ')
fromGiven = True
if action == 'listify':
if (fromGiven == False):
oldCatTitle = pywikibot.input(
u'Please enter the name of the category to listify:')
newCatTitle = "User:HasteurBot/Log"
recurse=True'Starting Nudge run over %s' % oldCatTitle)
bot = CategoryListifyRobot(oldCatTitle, newCatTitle, editSummary,
overwrite, showImages, subCats=True,
talkPages=talkPages, recurse=recurse)
if __name__ == "__main__":
logger = logging.getLogger('g13_nudge_bot')
trfh = logging.handlers.TimedRotatingFileHandler('logs/g13_nudge', \
when='D', \
interval = 3, \
backupCount = 90, \
formatter = logging.Formatter('%(asctime)s - %(name)s - %(levelname)s - %(message)s')