Visualization panel for Grafana with UI for labeling and rendering patterns
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Hastic Graph Panel

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A version of Grafana's default Graph Panel for rendering and labeling Hastic's patterns.

Please note that we are still in alpha, so features are subject to change

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  • Navigate to /plugins directory in <GRAFANA_PATH>/data/plugins

  • Download hastic graph panel

  • Unpack downloaded files
tar -zxvf hastic-graph-panel-0.2.6.tar.gz
  • Restart grafana-server
    • For grafana installed via Standalone Linux Binaries:
      • Stop any running instances of grafana-server
      • Start grafana-server by: $GRAFANA_PATH/bin/grafana-server
    • For grafana installed via Package Manager:
      • type in systemctl restart grafana-server


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