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Episode 1 - Run the template

Environment and dependencies

  • see

Target microcontroller

  • PSoC5LP
  • (PSoC6 may work. Please report if you try)

PSoC project on Windows

Create new project

  • [File > New > Project] then Create Project dialog will open
  • choose PSoC 5LP as Target device
    • select Launch Device Selector... , find CY8C5888LTI-LP097 and choose it
    • click [Next]

  • select Empty schematic and click [Next]
  • change Workspace name, Location and Project name as you like
    • note that Location should be a shared directory with Linux/macOS

Build setting

  • [Projct > Build Settings...] then dialog will open

  • add m to Additional Libraries as image below

  • add MRBC_DEBUG to Preprocessor Definitions as image below

Arrange peripherals

  • drug and drop [Communications > UART] into TopDesign.cysch pane

    • this UART will work as debug console
  • drug and drop [System > Interrupt] and [System > Clock] as well

  • connect isr_1 and Clock_1

  • double click Clock_1 to open configure dialog and set Frequency 1 kHz

    • interrupt and clock will work as hardware timer so that #sleep method works properly

Assign pins

  • double click [Pins] in Workspace Explorer on the left side of window
  • assign Rx_1 to P12[6] and Tx_1 to P12[7]
    • you cannot change this assignment as long as you use PSoC5LP Prototyping Kit because P12[6] and P12[7] are connected to USB terminal internally
    • you can ignore this restriction if you do some electric work. this tutorial will not cover it though

Install mruby/c and templates with mrubyc-utils on Linux/macOS

quite easy:

$ cd path/to/mrubyc_tutorial.cydsn
$ mrubyc-utils install

you will be asked some questions. hit enter with blank for now. and type yes at the last confirmation then you get mrubyc and templates.

mrubyc-utils clones the newest master branch of mrubyc. to make things solid, I recommend you to checkout specified commit below

$ mrubyc-utils checkout -t b96c534

add mruby/c sources to your project on Windows

  • right click on [Source Files] in Workspace Explorer and select [Add > Existing Item...]
  • select all the .c files in mrubyc_tutorial.cydwr/mrubyc_src and click open

Compile job_xxx.rb into job_xxx.c on Linux/macOS

$ mrubyc-utils compile

all the mrblib/job_xxx.rb will be compiled into src/job_xxx.c

before this, you may have to specify mrbc version in case of using rbenv like:

$ echo 'mruby-1.3.0' > .ruby-version

Build and Run!

  • make sure microcontroller connects to USB port of Windows
  • [Debug > Program] will build project and install the firmware into your microcontroller. then it runs automatically

See debug console

  • use PuTTY or TeraTerm or other terminal that can be valid as a serial com console

  • open connection through proper com port with configures below

    • baudrate: 57600bps
    • parity check: none
    • data bits: 8bit
    • stop bits: 1bit
  • it works perfectly if you get outtput like this image

  • you can easily understand what happens by seeing job_xxx.rb files if you are Rubyist :)

Next tutorial is

  • Run the same mruby/c program on your POSIX computer like Linux instead of microcontroller
    • see