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Episode 2 - Run on POSIX

Environment and dependencies

  • We don't need PSoC Creator this time!

Target device

  • POSIX compatible computer like Linux or macOS!
    • Windows should work, too. I did not confirm though

Install mruby/c and templates with mrubyc-utils on Linux/macOS

super easy:

$ mkdir mrubyc_posix
$ cd mrubyc_posix

Type posix at the first question of mrubyc-utils install

$ mrubyc-utils install

target microcontroller [psoc5lp]: posix # <-here

you can hit enter with blank for rest questions. type yes at the last confirmation then you get mrubyc and templates.

Compile job_xxx.rb into job_xxx.c

$ make

all the mrblib/job_xxx.rb will be compiled into src/job_xxx.c and executable main will be created.

before this, you may have to specify mrbc version in case of using rbenv like:

$ echo 'mruby-1.4.1' > .ruby-version


$ ./main

Then you will get debug print that is equivalent to the tutorial of PSoC5LP (see