An example repo to be used with gitkube: git push to deploy on to Kubernetes
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An nginx example application to be used with gitkube: git push to deploy on to Kubernetes.

Installation instructions

Using kubectl

kubectl create -f

#expose gitkubed service
kubectl --namespace kube-system expose deployment gitkubed --type=LoadBalancer --name=gitkubed

Using gitkube CLI

  1. Install Gitkube CLI:

    • Linux/MacOS
    curl | bash
    • Windows: download the latest release and add it to your PATH.
  2. Use Gitkube CLI to install Gitkube on the cluster:

    gitkube install

Repository configuration

Gitkube works with whatever kind of repository configurations you prefer. Here are some common configurations:


Your git repo contains configuration + code for your entire application including all your microservices and k8s manifests.

Follow the instructions for mono-repo setups below:


You have separate repos for your configuration and microservices.

Follow the instructions for multi-repo setup below: