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Deploying Hasura GraphQL Engine


This section talks in depth about deploying the Hasura GraphQL engine for a production like environment. If you would simply like to take the Hasura GraphQL engine for a quick spin, choose from our :doc:`Getting started guides <../getting-started/index>`.

Deployment guides

The Hasura GraphQL engine is a binary that is shipped as a Docker container.

Choose from the following guides to deploy the Hasura GraphQL engine and connect it to a Postgres database:

You can also check :doc:`../guides/deployment/index` for more specific examples.


By default, Hasura GraphQL engine runs in a very permissive mode for easier development. Check out the below pages to configure Hasura GraphQL engine for your production environment:


For access to Hasura GraphQL engine logs, check the below page for details:

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   Using Heroku <heroku/index>
   Using Docker <docker/index>
   Using Kubernetes <kubernetes/index>
   GraphQL engine server configuration <graphql-engine-flags/index>
   GraphQL engine server logs <logging>
   Updating GraphQL engine <updating>