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Quickstart with Heroku

This guide will help you get Hasura GraphQL engine and Postgres running on Heroku's free tier. It is the easiest and fastest way of trying Hasura out.

If you'd like to link this to an existing database, please head to this guide instead: :doc:`Using an existing database on Heroku <../deployment/heroku/using-existing-heroku-database>`.

Deploy to Heroku

Click the button below to deploy to Heroku:



If you don't have an account on Heroku, you need to sign up on Heroku. You won't need a credit card, and once you sign up you'll be redirected to your Heroku app creation page automatically.


Note that Heroku's free Postgres add-on is also automatically provisioned!

Open the Hasura console

That's it! Head to https://<YOUR_HEROKU_APP> and open your app. You should see the Hasura console.


Hello World (GraphQL or event triggers)

Make your :doc:`first graphql query <first-graphql-query>`


Set up your :doc:`first event trigger <first-event-trigger>`


This was a quickstart guide to get the Hasura GraphQL engine up and running quickly. For more detailed instructions on deploying using Heroku, check out :doc:`../deployment/heroku/index`.