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nizar-m and shahidhk rename access-key to admin-secret (close #1347) (#1540)
Rename the admin secret key header used to access GraphQL engine from X-Hasura-Access-Key to X-Hasura-Admin-Secret.

Server CLI and console all support the older flag but marks it as deprecated.
Latest commit f83a8e5 Feb 14, 2019

Boilerplates for AWS Lambda serverless functions and Hasura GraphQL Engine's Event Triggers

Sample cloud functions that can be triggered on changes in the database using GraphQL Engine's Event Triggers.

These are organized in language-specific folders.

NOTE Some of the language/platforms are work in progress. We welcome contributions for the WIP langauages. See issues and the following checklist:

Folder name Use-case Node.js(6) Python Java Go C#
echo echo the trigger payload
mutation insert related data on an insert event using graphql mutation
push-notification send push notification on database event
etl transform the trigger payload and update an algolia index


  1. AWS account with billing enabled
  2. Hasura GraphQL Engine