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This is the sample music playlist application demonstrating the Gatsby + Contentful Remote Join with Hasura GraphQL.

Getting started

If you've cloned this repository, navigate into the directory and install the npm modules using this command:

npm install

Note: if you clone this project through the Gatsby CLI, it will install the modules for you.


This application uses Auth0 to manage identity. Refer to the Auth0 integration guide for the configuration.

Modify auth config

Rename .env.EXAMPLE to .env.development (or .env.production) and replace <value> for AUTH0_DOMAIN and AUTH0_CLIENTID with your Auth0 domain prefix and your client ID. These can be found on your client dashboard.

Replace the <value> for AUTH0_CALLBACK with the URL for your callback route. The default for development is http://localhost:8000/callback.


Contentful remote schema is added as part of the migration. Configure the environment variables in Hasura GraphQL Engine server for the types to get merged.


Execute the following command inside hasura to apply the migrations

hasura migrate apply

This will create all the necessary tables, relationships and remote joins.

Run the app

You can start the development server with the following command:

gatsby develop

The app runs at localhost:8000 by default.

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