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Community Wiki

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The Hasura Community Wiki is a collection of articles, tools and other contributions made by the Hasura community.

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Table of contents


A list of articles written about the Hasura GraphQL Engine.

Articles in other languages

Articles about the Hasura GraphQL Engine in languages other than English.






Technical Writer Program Articles

This is a collection of all the articles written as part of the Hasura Technical Writer Program - a program that supports, publishes and pays authors for articles that add to the knowledge base of the Hasura GraphQl Engine.

Tools, Boilerplates & Sample Apps

This is a collection of tools and boilerplates for working with Hasura built by the community.

Videos & Podcasts

Videos and live talks about the Hasura GraphQL Engine.

Online Courses

How to Contribute

The Hasura community is growing everyday and we'd love for you to help out! Here are all the ways you can get involved:

  • Submit PRs: Check out our contributing guide to see how you can work on the GraphQL Engine directly.
  • Translations: Help us translate Hasura's Readme or Docs.
  • Publish a blogpost: If you enjoy writing you should check out the Technical Writer Program. You can write articles about working with the GraphQL Engine or in-depth GraphQL blog posts and we'll compensate you for each article we publish. Check out our writing style guide.
  • Speak at an event: Let us know if you’re talking about Hasura at a meetup or conference. We'll help you out with slides, collateral and even send you swag.
  • Start a Hasura User Group(HUG): We love HUGS <3. Start a Hasura User Group in your locality.
  • Get on Discord: However you choose to get involved with the community, the one thing you should do is get on our Discord Channel! It's HQ for all of Hasura's community / support activities. It's the best way to interact with us and other community members in realtime.

If you are organizing a meetup or conference and are looking out for sponsorship, fill out this form and we’ll get back to you.

If you feel like you can contribute in a way we haven't covered or you can bring an interesting skillset to the community, drop me a message at I'll help you figure out how you can get involved.

We can't wait to see what you do!