Documentation for the Hasura platform
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This is the documentation for the Hasura platform

This documentation project is built using Sphinx.

To contribute, please raise PRs to the project.

Sphinx documentation files are written in the RST markup language. Here is a guide to the RST markup language.

To run docs locally:

  • Make sure you have pip3 installed on your system

  • Install dependencies (Sphinx, beautifulsoup4, algoliasearch, etc.)

    pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  • For development, live reload and auto build

    make livehtml
  • Build docs to produce HTML files.

    ENV=<development|production> make html-images
    • The generated docs are in _build/html.

    • View the built files by running a webserver. eg:

      cd _build/html && http-server


      cd _build/html && python3 -m http.server 8080
  • Note: The search is powered by Algolia and is updated on every deployment. Your local changes will not reflect in search results.