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Peach Orchard

Peach Orchard is a web front-end to aggregate crash and status information for different fuzzers; it provides a centralized server and distributed nodes that centralizes all crash and status information. Each system that runs a fuzzer can fire up an Orchard node that will send crash information back to the mothership, which will then be viewable from the web interface. If you happen to run a dozen or so fuzzers like I do, this is a nice way to pull that information together to quickly check for any crashes.

I'm bad at web design and have implemented a simple Django app with Bootstrap3; if you're a web guy who likes doing web things, I'd love PRs.

This is similar iSEC's PeachFarmer project, but whilst that only aggregates logs, this provides a way of viewing the data. Also has the added benefit of not opening up ports on all your fuzzing machines; Peach Orchard follows a strict push-only architecture, in which all fuzzers push data up to the core server; one IP, one port.


Server & Node

  • Python >= 2.7.x (tested on 2.7.3)


  • Django >= 1.6.x (tested on 1.6.5)


  • Requests >= 2.2.x (tested on 2.2.3)

Tested on both Windows and Linux.


Home Page Home

Node View Node

Crash View Crash


Pretty simple, really. Fundamentally there are two bits of information a Peach Orchard node needs: one, how and where nodes communicate, and what nodes monitor. The how and where can be configured in src/core/ by setting the following:

    -- This is the shared key needed to authenticate a node with a server. On initial setup, the server will generate, which contains your randomly generated 64 byte PSK. Paste this into here.

    -- Location of the core server, naturally.

    -- Absolute path to your output directory. Please keep this as a raw string, otherwise it'll be angry with your Windows paths.

To start the server, run ./ _If this is the first run, the database will be built and you'll need to create an administrative user.

To start the node, ensure is setup correctly, then run python -f [your fuzzer] -n [your session name].

Fuzzer Support

Currently PeachOrchard supports the following fuzzers:

  • Peach
  • American Fuzzy Lop (v0.45b+)

On the to-do list:

  • Sulley

Other requests welcome.


  • Beef up node logging
  • User authentication
  • Clean up code
  • Node session management (i.e. managing one node's successive fuzzing campaigns)
  • Local caching for nodes if they lose connectivity to the mothership
  • Crashes page that aggregates all fuzzer crash information
  • Last-seen timestamp