An Amazon SNS Input for Mozilla's Heka
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Amazon SNS Input for Mozilla Heka

A Mozilla Heka Input for Amazon Web Services SNS.

The Amazon SNS input will start a webserver on the given port and act as an endpoint for consuming topic messages per the API instructions.

Notification messages generated from the Amazon SNS Input will have a message type of amazon.sns.notification. Subscription messages amazon.sns.subscription and unsubscribe notifications amazon.sns.unsubscribe.


  • You will need to setup delivery of an Amazon SNS topic to an HTTP/S endpoint.

  • Create or add to the file {heka_root}/cmake/plugin_loader.cmake

add_external_plugin(git master)
  • Build Heka per normal instructions for your platform.

Additional instructions can be found in the Heka documentation for external plugins.


  • address (string, optional) The IP address and port for the HTTP/S webserver to listen for SNS POST actions. (default:
  • emit_in_payload (bool, optional) Specifies whether or not notification data should be written to outgoing message payloads, in JSON format as generated by Amazon SNS. If false notification data will be written to outgoing message fields. (default: true)

Example Amazon SNS Input Configuration File

[Amazon RDS Notifications]
type = "AmazonSnsInput"
address = ""
emit_in_payload = true


  • Message signature verification
  • HTTPS Endpoint