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Instructions on how to set up a hate speech intake iframe
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Please review this README for a general understanding of the iframe before proceeding into the version-specific documentation.


Why Use the Hatebase IFrame?

Municipal governments, regional NGOs and other public and private entities often have a challenge capturing large volumes of structured hate speech incident data from their communities, and while Hatebase performs passive monitoring of regionalized hate speech, we have a global reach and so the amount of data for any one municipality or community can be low. As a result, we've developed a hate speech intake form which can be easily and quickly installed as an iframe on any external website.

The Hatebase iframe is a single line of HTML which captures anonymized, regionalized hate speech incidents ("sightings"). These sightings can then be retrieved through the Hatebase API.

Because this is a single line of code with no local executable or server-side functionality, this iframe can be installed at zero risk to any web-connected infrastructure and does not require a time-consuming security audit.

Terms of Use

Use of the Hatebase iframe acknowledges your consent with Hatebase's Terms of Use. Please make sure you're familiar with the latest version of our Terms.

Contact Us

If you encounter any problems with the iframe, or have suggestions for future enhancement, please contact us.

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