Various Python algorithms to find and list prime numbers
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Prime Number Algorithms

Various Python algorithms to find and list prime numbers.



Created for the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science, 2013. For this project I implemented the above algorithms to find every prime number up to a certain limit and tested their runtimes.

When to use

Use these algorithms when you need to find a long list of prime numbers, or if you just need to find a large prime number. These algorithms were tested with numbers up to 10^7.


I normalized each algorithm's average runtime to assign it a 'score'; faster algorithms have lower scores.

Algorithm Score (lower is faster)
Sieve of Zakiya 2.244
Sieve of Erastosthenes 13.504
Sieve of Atkin 19.386
Efficiency 66.263
Trial Division 398.603


  • Basically, use the Sieve of Zakiya. It's not too hard to translate to other programming languages.
  • The Sieve of Atkin is supposed to be an optimized version of the Sieve of Erastosthenes, but it's actually slower.
  • Don't roll your own prime number finding algorithm.
  • And please please please don't use trial division, where you divide every number n by every number from 1 to n/2 inclusive.