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Attorney Online server made with lua.
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The successor to AOls. AOLS2 is an Attorney Online server written entirely with Lua.

AOLS2 is designed to be very modular compared to it's predecessor, and to make the addition of new features easy.

If you have any feedback on it's implementation, it would be greatly appreciated!


  • Lua version 5.1 or above (LuaJIT is reccomended)
  • Luasocket


  • BitOp or Bit32 Bit operations are required for WebSocket support.


  1. Clone the source to any location.
  2. Rename config.default/ to config/, and configure as you like.
  3. Run using lua /path/to/init.lua or luajit /path/to/init.lua


  • Very modular/configurable design.
  • AO 1.0 to 2.6.0 supported, as well as Websockets.
  • Automatic restart on crashes.
  • Spam checking features.
  • Web-fixer, fixes content for web users.
  • Many useful commands.
  • Stenographing mode.
  • Ghost rejoining.

List of Commands

/motd, /rules, /files - Each display a text message if it is set. /motd is the message you get when you join.

/help - Displays a list of all commands. This may change between different server setups.

/help (command) - Opens an information page on a specific command.

/area (room id) - Move to a specific area as shown by /areas

/area or /areas - Displays the area list.

/getarea (room id) - Gets the list of people in the room with you. Optionally, specify a room id to get the list of that room.

/getareas - Lists every user in every room.

/whois (user id) - Returns your user information.

/g (message) - Sends a global message. Anyone in the server can see it.

/pm (user id) (message) - Sends a private message to a user.

/self (status)- Appends a status tag to your nickname.

/char (name) - Selects a character by name.

/charlist - Shows the list of characters that the server supports.

/randomchar - Selects a random character for you.

/pos - Sets your character's position within the background. Currently supported: def, pro, wit, jud, hld, hlp, jur

/desk - Sets your desk's visibility. 0 forces desk off, 1 forces desk on. No arguments sets it back to default.

/zoom - Toggles speedlines when using an emote.

/userpair (user id) - Sets your pair to a specific user. If your pair connects, you will be paired together regardless of character.

/autopair - Toggles autopair mode. You automatically pair with players who have autopair enabled.

/bg (name) - Sets the background for the room.

/bglist - Shows list of the backgrounds that the server supports.

/localbg (dir) - Changes the background locally. I.e. Nobody else can see it, and is not restricted to the list.

/bd (name) - Sets a backdrop background for the room.

/bdlist - Shows list of the backdrops.

/cr (name) - Sets a court background for the room.

/crlist - Shows list of the courts.

/status - Sets the status of a courtroom.

/rename - Renames a room if it is renamable.

/doc (link) - Sets the room's doc. Use with no arguments to return the doc.

/steno - Toggles steno mode. Steno mode fixes common capitialization and punctuation errors. It also hides messages in double brackets.

/rejoin - Reconnects you as your ghost player if it exists.

/coinflip - Flips a coin. You get Heads or Tails. The result will be announced in the room.

/diceroll (sides) - Rolls a 6-sided die by default. You can specify how many sides the die has. The result will be announced in the room.

/timer (minutes) Use without an argument to use it as a stopwatch. Add minutes to run an automatic timer.

/lock (password) - Locks a room with a password. Users are required to use a key to enter. (See Below.)

/key (password) - Allows you to enter any room that uses the same password.

/server - Returns the server software and version.

Mod commands

/modpass (passcode) - Logs you in as moderator.

/unmodme - Removes your moderator status.

/kick (id) - Boots the user off the server.

/ban (id) - Bans the users ip from the server, they will not be able to rejoin. Their IP will be given once you do this.

/unban (ip) - Unbans the specified IP, users using the ip will be able to join again.

/mute (user id) - Stops a user from using IC features.

/unmute (user id) - Unmutes said user.

/move (user id) (room id) - Moves a user to the specified room.

/trap (user id) (room id) - Traps a user to the specified room, they will not be able to change rooms. You can omit room id, to lock the user where they are.

/untrap (user id) - Untraps a user.

/modlock - Locks a room so only moderators can enter. Use again to disable the lock.

/reload - Reloads the server. This will disconnect every client.

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