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Monero Multi-Rig Monitor (xmrig & xmr-stak)
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So... we're lazy and we want to have everything in one place without too much hassle !!!

With this software you can monitor your mining farm workers from one single website combining XMRIG or XMR-STAK built in API info into one place.


  • WebServer (we will be using Apache here), PHP, DOMDocument, Curl and some patience


On Linux(debian based):

First install dependencies

  sudo update
  sudo apt install apache2 php php-curl libxml2-dev php-dom

Clone the repository

  git clone
  cd monero-lazy-monitor

Edit workers.txt and generate config.json

  nano workers.txt 
  php update.php

Copy files to Apache web server dir

  cp * /var/www/html

Edit config.json file:

  cd /var/www/html
  nano config.json

Config.json info

  • "refresh": refresh rate value in seconds

  • Workers

Field Data
"id" worker/rig ID (must be unique)
"ip" worker/rig IP address
"port" listening port
"soft" aceptable values "xmrig" or "stak"
"alert" Minimum aceptable thread hashrate, iqual or bellow this value, threads will apear in red color
"xmrigtoken" XMRig access-token (leave blank if not configured)
"stakuser" Stak authentication user login (leave blank if not configured)
"stakpass" Stak authentication password (leave blank if not configured)
    "refresh": 90,
    "workers": [
            "id": "RIG-ID-1",
            "ip": "",
            "port": "8081",
            "soft": "xmrig",
            "alert": 0,
            "xmrigtoken": "",
            "stakuser": "",
            "stakpass": ""
            "id": "RIG-ID-2",
            "ip": "",
            "port": "5002",
            "soft": "stak",
            "alert": 0,
            "xmrigtoken": "",
            "stakuser": "",
            "stakpass": ""


I don't need this to eat, but I could use some coffee

   XMR: `49Rj5W3gK3gcTYYKZq2rnkAvTFfaQestpVWJgGbSXwneWCCRs6cxKAAF2YgNe4e7NJdjGbqUyqMwj38SQfp3V5XmAzrjMdu`
   BTC: `(Soon) I'm so poor I don't even have an empty wallet !!`
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