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The green spot

A blog about tour reports, equipment and experiences about trekking and hiking.



Make sure you have the following applications installed:

  • git
  • hugo
  • a good editor to write/edit HTML, CSS and Markdown documents (like Atom or vim)

To build and deploy this, there's a script ( It's tailored exactly to the server of the-green-spot, so you might want to change it.

Call this script with --beta to deploy into the beta sub-folder.

Nevertheless, you need some things in addition to the ones above in order to use the script:

  • an interpreter (something like gnome-terminal)
  • ssh
  • sshpass

Get this website

  1. Clone this repo: git clone
  2. Install the hamburg-theme
    • Create theme directory: mkdir themes/hamburg
    • Download the theme: git clone

Create content

This site is based on hugo so you can use its normal commands.

Create a post

Posts are in ./content/posts/. Therefore adding a new post looks like this:

$ hugo new posts/
/home/name/whatever/the-green-spot/content/posts/ created

The post is pretty empty but the header has been generated:

$ cat content/posts/
draft = true
title = ""
summary = ""
date = 2019-01-28T21:44:06+01:00
tags = []
author = ""

Run it (locally)

Use hugo with hugo server -D -v or build it (see blow) and use your own server.

Build it

Just execute hugo (without parameters) and look into the public-folder.

For beta

There is a beta site. Because the URL is different, it must be build like this:

  1. Change the URL in the config.toml
  2. Build using ./
  3. Upload

Git versioning & workflow


The scheme is [major].[minor].[patch].

Increase the major, when:

  • A new article is done
  • A new page is done

Increase the minor, when:

  • Changes to an article
  • Changes to a page
  • Changes to the style
  • Changes to the layout

Increase the patch, when:

  • Just a fix is added


There's the master and dev branch. The master contains (at least since the 23.08.2018) only released/releasable commits. The dev branch contains the indev-state and may not be usable.

Create features, articles or pages on a branch <type>/name where type is e.g. post and where you develop/write the feature name.

Development/writing workflow

For larger features or posts (which takes longer then a day or two):

  1. Create a feature/article/post called foo: Create a branch <type>/foo (where <type> is one of feature, post or page)
  2. Write and commit
  3. Merge into dev when done

Release workflow

  1. Create branch for the next version, e.g. release/v1.2 when v1.1 is the latest version
  2. Make last changes neccessary for deployment
  3. Merge into dev
  4. Merge into master (with git merge --no-ff release/v1.2)
  5. Create a tag v1.2 (on the master branch)
  6. Deploy this tag
  7. Delete the release/v1.2 branch

Fix bugs/mistakes

  1. Checkout the latest version from the master (e.g. v1.2)
  2. Create a new branch fix/v1.2
  3. Fix the mistake
  4. Make last changes neccessary for deployment
  5. Merge into dev
  6. Merge into master (with git merge --no-ff fix/v1.2)
  7. Create a tag v1.3 (on the master branch; git tag -a v1.3 -m "Some message")
  8. Deploy this tag
  9. Delete the fix/v1.2 branch

Forbidden workflows

These things are not allowed:

  • Merge from feature-branch into master
  • Merge from dev-branch directly into master
  • Merge from master into any other branch
  • Tag any commit which is not on the master
  • Release something which is not on the master
  • ...

Compression of images

I used the following configurations:

Background image

convert -strip -interlace Plane -sampling-factor 4:2:0 -quality 65% -resize x650 -gaussian-blur 1x1 bg.jpg bg-out.jpg


convert -interlace Plane -resize x32 favicon.jpg favicon.ico

Photos for posts

convert -resize 1600x DSC00835.JPG DSC00835_1600.JPG
convert -resize 1600x -rotate -90 DSC00835.JPG DSC00835_1600.JPG


Repository for the blog "the green spot" about trekking, hiking and beeing outdoor active




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