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#!/usr/bin/env perl
use warnings;
use 5.026;
use Getopt::Long qw/ HelpMessage :config posix_default gnu_compat
bundling auto_version auto_help /;
use Graph ();
use Memoize 'memoize';
use Memoize::Storable ();
-v | --verbose - more output
-t | --want-test - include modules needed for test phase
-p | --perl-ver VER - Perl version for corelist (default: 5.026)
-c | --cache-file FILE - cache file for MetaCPAN API requests
(default: /tmp/.metacpan_deps_cache)
-C | --clear-cache - clear cache before running
A test of resolving module dependences, currently via the MetaCPAN API.
(The list of dependencies that MetaCPAN knows about may not always be complete.)
Outputs a possible install order that should satisfy dependencies.
Note this order can change across runs, but theoretically it should
always be a valid install order.
Notes for WebPerl:
Could be used in F<>.
I don't really need C<is_installed>.
Perhaps instead of C<is_core> I should check if the module exists
in the Perl source tree and is enabled in F<>...
our $VERSION = '0.01-beta';
'v|verbose' => \(my $VERBOSE),
't|want-test' => \(my $WANT_TEST),
'p|perl-ver=s' => \(my $PERL_VER='5.026'),
'c|cache-file=s' => \(my $CACHE_FILE='/tmp/.metacpan_deps_cache'),
'C|clear-cache' => \(my $NO_CACHE),
) or HelpMessage(-exitval=>255);
HelpMessage(-msg=>'Not enough arguments',-exitval=>255) unless @ARGV;
if ($NO_CACHE && -e $CACHE_FILE)
{ unlink($CACHE_FILE)==1 or die "Failed to unlink $CACHE_FILE: $!" }
tie my %get_deps_cache, 'Memoize::Storable', $CACHE_FILE;
memoize 'get_deps', SCALAR_CACHE=>[HASH=>\%get_deps_cache], LIST_CACHE=>'FAULT';
memoize 'is_core';
memoize 'is_installed';
my $dep_graph = Graph->new(directed => 1);
resolve_deps($_, $dep_graph) for @ARGV;
my @topo = $dep_graph->topological_sort;
say for reverse @topo;
warn "No (non-core) dependencies\n" unless @topo;
use MetaCPAN::Client ();
sub get_deps { # will be memoized (and persisted)
my ($module) = @_;
state $mcpan = MetaCPAN::Client->new();
$VERBOSE and say STDERR "Fetching dependencies of $module from MetaCPAN API";
return $mcpan->release($mcpan->module($module)->distribution)->dependency;
use Module::CoreList ();
sub is_core { # will be memoized
my ($module,$version) = @_;
return Module::CoreList::is_core($module,$version,$PERL_VER);
use Module::Load::Conditional ();
sub is_installed { # will be memoized
my ($module,$version) = @_;
return Module::Load::Conditional::check_install(module=>$module,version=>$version);
sub resolve_deps {
my $module = shift;
my $graph = @_ ? shift : Graph->new(directed => 1);
for my $dep ( get_deps($module)->@* ) {
next if is_core( $dep->{module}, $dep->{version} ); # ignore core modules
next if $dep->{module} eq 'perl'; # ignore perl dist itself
next unless $dep->{relationship} eq 'requires'; # ignore 'recommends' and 'suggests'
die "Unknown relationship '$dep->{relationship}'"
unless $dep->{relationship}=~/\A(?:requires|recommends|suggests)\z/;
next if $dep->{phase} eq 'develop'; # ignore phase 'develop'
next if !$WANT_TEST && $dep->{phase} eq 'test'; # ignore phase 'test' unless user wants it
next if $dep->{phase}=~/\Ax_/; # ignore e.g. "x_Dist_Zilla"
die "Unknown phase '$dep->{phase}'"
unless $dep->{phase}=~/\A(?:configure|build|runtime|test)\z/;
my $installed = is_installed( $dep->{module}, $dep->{version} ); # just for info
$VERBOSE and say STDERR "$module requires $dep->{module}",
$dep->{version} ? " (version $dep->{version})" : " (any version)",
" for $dep->{phase}",
$installed ? " (installed)" : " (not installed)";
$graph->add_edge($module, $dep->{module});
die "Fatal: Circular dependency detected (just added $module->$dep->{module})"
if $graph->has_a_cycle;
resolve_deps($dep->{module}, $graph)
return $graph;