List of my awesome dotfiles :)
Vim script Shell Ruby Makefile
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It is repository of my config files, created as backup in case of UFO/armageddon or (which is less probably) loosing my data.

You can feel free to use it for yourself, and even contribute if you want. Just suggest something in issues or create pull request (no link because if you need it, I rather won't accept your pull request).



Installation easy (but easier way will come in future):

  1. Clone whole repo

     $ git clone --recursive && cd dotfiles
  2. Run

     $ make
  3. To install only some of the files use:

     $ make <targets>

Available targets

  • bin
    • git cleanup
  • fish
  • git
    • global .gitignore
    • NeoVim + Fugitive as mergetool
  • nvim
    • vim-plug
    • bunch of plugins (check init.vim)
  • ruby
    • .gemrc (skip doc installation)
    • .pryrc
  • utils
    • ctags with Rust config
    • .dir_colors for Solarized theme


Copyrights (c) 2013 Łukasz Niemier