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jarTest Plugin

In case you have a multi-project gradle build you may have test dependencies between sub-projects (which probably is a hint that your projects are not well structured).

For example assume a project where the sub-project Project B depends on Project A and B does not only have a compile dependency on A but also a test dependency. To compile and run the tests of B we need some test helper classes from A.

By default gradle does not create a jar artifact from the test build output of a project.

This plugin adds a testArchives configuration (based on testCompile) and a jarTest task to create a jar from the test source set (with the classifier test added to name of the jar). We can then depend in B on the testArchives configuration of A (which will also include the transitive dependencies of A).

In A we would add the plugin to build.gradle:

apply plugin: 'com.github.hauner.jarTest'

In B we reference the testArchives configuration like this:

dependencies {
    testCompile project (path: ':ProjectA', configuration: 'testArchives')

The plugin is available from