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12th July 2015 (source code)

  • updated to cucumber-jvm 1.2.3
  • compiling step files (if enabled by setting cucumber.sources) will only happen when running cucumber features (it was triggered for each type type). (#42)
  • CucumberConfig.groovy is now optional. If it exists it is used otherwise not. The configuration can be placed into BuildConfig.groovy. The format is unchanged, you can simply copy the content of CucumberConfig.groovy to BuildConfig.groovy to drop it. (#43)


28th January 2015 (source code)

  • updated to cucumber-jvm 1.2.2
  • renamed --format/format options to --plugin/plugins (old name will still work)


23rd August 2014 (source code)

  • do not export unnecessary dependencies to avoid dependency issues in projects that use the plugin.


29th June 2014 (source code)

  • updated to cucumber-jvm 1.1.7
  • this release adds grails 2.3/2.4 support including forked-mode. To use forked-mode at least grails 2.3.8 is required, together with remote-control plugin at least grails 2.4.0.


To run cucumber features in forked-mode you must not call grails (gorm or services) in the steps directly because application and features run in different JVMs. You can still run code in the application by using the remote-control plugin.

If you are using geb you will probably have no grails (gorm or services) code in your steps but the remote-control plugin might be still of interest for test data setup and tear down.

See Cucumber with HTTPBuilder & RemoteControl.


29th December 2013 (source code)


grails-cucumber is not yet compatible with grails 2.3.x: forked mode does not work at all and non forked mode does not work with in process code that is directly calling domain classes, services or controllers in step code (like the 'Books' example).

non forked mode will be fixed in 0.11.0. forked mode requires a few fixes in grails.

  • updated to cucumber-jvm 1.1.5
  • configure additional formatters. It is now possible to configure additional formatters in CucumberConfig.groovy:

    cucumber {
        // each line corresponds to a single cucumber `--format` option
        formats = [

    The configuration of the additional formatters can be overridden on the command line (one time only):

    grails test-app :cucumber --format=json:target/test-reports/override.json

    The plugins (default) grails formatter will always run.


18th July 2013 (source code)

  • updated to cucumber-jvm 1.1.2.
  • compile step files. It is now possible to compile the step files before running the features. There are two things to configure in CucumberConfig.groovy: first, the location of the source files using the new sources configuration and second, the classpath of the steps using the glue configuration:

    cucumber {
        // steps, hooks etc that will be compiled
        sources = ["test/cucumber"]
        // .. and where cucumber will find the compiled steps & hooks
        glue = ["classpath:<the steps and hooks package>"]

    A layout that separates the feature files from the step code may look like this:

    cucumber {
        // here we save the feature files...
        features = ["test/cucumber"]
        // steps, hooks etc that will be compiled
        // if the steps are in "test/functional" we do not need to configure it
        // sources = ["test/functional"]
        // .. and where cucumber will find the compiled steps & hooks
        glue = ["classpath:<the steps and hooks package>"]


    The steps should be in their own package and there should be no other (normal) classes in this package. Cucumber will load all classes in the given package(s). To avoid complications it is recommended to keep the steps in isolation. It is ok to put (normal) classes into the sources directories to compile them but they should be in a different package that is not listed in the glue configuration.

    See also compiling steps in the guide and the compiled step article.


9th January 2013 (source code)

  • set dir/file:line filter on the command line. If the command line contains :cucumber and some other arguments (i.e no @tags) they are evaluated as file/dir and line filter for features and scenarios. The filter info is just passed through to cucumber and can be whatever cucumber does except. Here are a few examples:

    // features
    grails test-app :cucumber foo.feature bar.feature
    // feature with line numbers
    grails test-app :cucumber foo.feature:10:17
    // feature with "full" path
    grails test-app :cucumber test/functional/foo/bar.feature
    // feature directories
    grails test-app :cucumber foodir bardir

    See also cli options.


21st December 2012 (source code)

  • in order to catch pending steps in the test results they are reported as errors.
  • updated to cucumber-jvm 1.1.1.


    This release will break your build because of backwards-incompatible changes in cucumber-jvm. To fix your build adjust the cucumber import statements from:

    import static cucumber.runtime.groovy.EN.*
    import static cucumber.runtime.groovy.Hooks.*


    import static cucumber.api.groovy.EN.*
    import static cucumber.api.groovy.Hooks.*

    See cucumber-jvm history for more.


3rd October 2012 (source code)

  • a scenario does fail now if a before hook failed (it was counted as passed).
  • improved result counting (passed, failed, error),i.e. count scenarios only once.
  • another reporting fix (end scenario notification could come twice).


16th September 2012 (source code)

  • fixed another reporting bug (missing end scenario notification).
  • updated to cucumber-jvm 1.0.14.


23th June 2012 (source code)

  • removed automatic transaction rollback, see this blog for more. The short version is that it works only in limited situations (like integration test mode). We have to handle this ourself via Before/After hooks (or the hooks configuration).

  • enable grails integration test mode with some simple configuration instead of hand rolling a Before/After hook pair. Put the following code into a cucumber groovy script (like env.groovy) to enable the grails integration test features.

      hooks {
          // examples:
          transaction ()             // for all cucumber features/scenarios
          transaction ("@i9n")       // only for features/scenarios tagged with "@i9n"

    The transaction parameters will be passed as tags to a pair of cucumber Before & After hooks. That means you can use the same tag syntax you would use for the cucumber hooks.

  • set tags on the command line. If the command line contains :cucumber, @tag parameters are evaluated to filter execution of features or scenarios. Standard cucumber syntax applies without the --tags option keyword. Setting tags on the command line will overwrite CucumberConfig.groovy.


    grails test-app :cucumber @foo,~@bar @zap
  • improved reporting, the plugin no longer report a failing step as a failing test. It created quite confusing test reports.


3rd May 2012 (source code)

  • automatically rollback transaction, it is no longer necessary to create a before or after hook to clean up the database. It can be disabled by adding the cucumber tag @notxn to features or scenarios.


29th April 2012 (source code)

  • cucumber features & scenarios are correctly displayed in xml & html reports
  • scenarios are properly reported by name and not as "TestCase: unknown"
  • modified plugin formatter to report an UndefinedStepException so IntelliJs test listener does not crash (it does not implement all overloads of GrailsTestEventPublisher.testFailure).
  • updated to cucumber-jvm 1.0.4


16th April 2012 (source code)

  • configuration via grails-app/conf/CucumberConfig.groovy, see the plugin guide
  • changed cucumber default path from test/cucumber to test/functional
  • updated to cucumber-jvm 1.0.2
  • cucumber-jvm is no longer embedded, it will be picked up by the usual grails dependency resolution
  • started plugin guide


never released (source code)


4th March 2012 (source code)

  • fixed formatter crash when a before hook throws
  • updated to cucumber-jvm api RC21
  • updated embedded cucumber-jvm to RC21


10th January 2012 (source code)

  • fixed grails 2.0.0 incompatibility


8th January 2012 (source code)

  • do not export the plugins test dependencies


7th January 2012 (source code)

  • first usable version
  • use geb to implement steps
  • call domain class foo from steps