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This repository contains the programs required to produce the results contained in the article The Dynamic Effects of Immigration.


  • The Model directory contains the Matlab programs used to solve and simulate the theoretical model, which is executed from the main.m file.

  • The Data directory contains the Stata and R programs used to analyze data and calculate statistics required to calibrate the theoretical model

    • The CPS directory contains the analysis of the Current Population Survey data. To replicate the analysis, you first need to add the raw data downloaded from IPUMS into the raw_ipums directory, which can be obtained by emailing me. (At 2.5GB, it's too big to include here). You then run the Stata do files in their order.
    • The SIPP directory contains the analysis of the Survey of Income and Program Participation data. Running the 1.2008 panel - download and create database.R file downloads and creates the required database. The 2.calculations.R file then computes the required wealth shares.