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No matter how you want to do it, you need to tell jottalib your username and password to JottaCloud.

Export your Jottacloud username and password to the running environment. Running macosx or linux, it would normally go like this:

export JOTTACLOUD_USERNAME="yourusername"
export JOTTACLOUD_PASSWORD="yourpassword"

Alternatively, create or update a netrc file with the same information, like this:

  login **yourusername**
  password **yourpassword**

Important! Don't change anything other than your username and your password. Save the file in your home directory, as .netrc for Linux and OSX, and _netrc on windows. And make sure noone else can read it (e.g. chmod 0400 $HOME/.netrc).

If you are running Windows you might have to update the %HOME% variable.

With this set up, you can start. Pick your section:

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