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NOTE: This is a beta release. It may have unknown issues. It should not be used on production or mission-critical systems. Use on any system is at your own risk (please see the license).

This release includes the following changes from the v0.6.x series:

  • Added initial experimental support for synchronizing into Docker containers (both Linux and Windows containers). See full documentation here.
  • Switched to Go 1.11 for builds. This has the side effect of making symlink support work automatically on Windows 10 when developer mode is enabled.
  • Migrated to Go modules for dependency management.
  • Fixed cgo compiler and linker flags to ensure compatibility with older versions of macOS.
  • Refactored protocol handler infrastructure to allow for significantly easier implementation of new protocols.
  • Switched to Protocol Buffers for Mutagen's internal endpoint protocol.
  • Optimized rsync data transmissions with operation batching.
  • Added support for doing ~user/path-style lookups (in addition to the existing ~/path-style lookups) in synchronization root paths.
  • Added an optional "tag" component to version information to make dev/beta/rc/etc. releases easier.

It includes the following changes since v0.7.0-beta2:

  • Switched to Go 1.11.2 for builds.