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A basic plugin providing classes to easily send newsletters.
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sfNewsletter plugin

The `sfNewsletter` is a symfony plugin that provides basic newsletter support,
including subscription, unsubscription, activation of new entries and a task
to actually send newsletters.


There are no assets used. You only have to activate the plugin and its modules.


However you have to setup a small bit of configuration to get this plugin 
working. In settings.yml add this line:

The mail address from which the newsletters are sent.
This email will also receive any newsletter that is sent.

In app.yml you may want to prevent the plugin from registering its default
routes. If disabled, you have to add the specific routes yourself.

    newsletterplugin_routes_register: false
Additional configuration items in settings.yml

  * newsletter_plugin_activation_mail_subject: 'Newsletter Subscription'
    The subject of the activation mail sent to verify the address owner. Defaults to 'Newsletter Subscription'.


  * Swift Mailer
    * Tested with version 3.3.3 at revision 807.

For detailed license information please view the LICENSE file and the included
license information of all libraries.
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