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A plugin providing a notification system.
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The sfNotificationsPlugin provides a system to configure and trigger notifiers.



A notifier is a sender of information related to concrete notifications.

It defines an algorithm which is the actual outbound notification.
The notifier also defines a configuration set with a list of attributes related to the type of action it performs.


A notification is a configuration and dataset for a given notifier.

The notification will trigger all related notifiers based on its contract with those notifiers.


Creating a concrete notification

There are very few steps to take, to have the first notification and notifier setup.

First of all, you have to create a notification model. This will be a concrete notification.
The concrete inheritance behavior is used to create this notification.

parent: false
extends: notification

The actual notification may be extended in any ways it is required to for the use case of it.

You need to import the plugins schema before defining the concrete notification.

external-schema: plugins/sfNotificationsPlugin/config/schema.yml

Creating a notifier

A notifier is a class implementing the Notifier interface.

  • It defines the configuration items – attributes – and itself (type).
  • It will receive a configuration.

After receiving all this data the following steps are based on a contract between this notifier and the concrete notification triggering it.

  • The notifier will be bound to data and is required to validate (bindAndValidate) this data. If the data is not valid based on the contract, it should fail.
  • The final step is the actual work of the notifier.

For a more in-depth view, see PluginNotification::doNotify.

Why not event dispatcher?

In general the notification acts like an event dispatcher, which dispatches available and configured notifiers.
The notifier and the notification are bound by a contract they agreed on.
The configuration is saved into a database and the related data for the notifier will be provided on runtime.

You can easily connect the trigger of a notification with an event dispatcher.


A very basic example is provided within the tests using the SimpleFileNotifier from the fixtures.

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