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A jQuery-UI backend theme created with jQuery themeroller matching the autogenerated modules design.
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# Installation

Installation is easy. Either way you have to activate the plugin in your ProjectConfiguration and run `symfony plugins:publish-assets`. Done.

## Local copy

Copy the content downloaded into plugins/sfjQueryUIBackendThemePlugin of your project directory.

## Using git submodule

Use the following command from your project root directory.

* `git submodule add git:// plugins/sfjQueryUIBackendThemePlugin`
* `git submodule init`
* `git submodule update`

# Usage

In order to have this theme in use for your backend module, simply add the provided CSS file to your `view.yml` e.g. `stylesheets:    [/sfjQueryUIBackendThemePlugin/css/jquery-ui.css]`.
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