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reinstall vulnerability because the parameter p of index.php and another file named commonPages.php can help reinstall the app rincewind cms before 2011-2-20

0x001 first Setting up Test Environment

  • php
  • mysql
  • apache2
  • ubuntu

To install:

  1. Download the zip-file, or clone the repository
  2. Copy config-template.php to config.php
  3. Edit config.php to match your database settings
  4. Optional: add or remove links in the $meny-array
  5. Change WS_TITLE to whatever you like
  6. Create the database you want to use, if it doesn't exist
  7. Go to the ?p=install page on the site.

0x002 reinstall the application

choose Ja and Click Installera the database will be reset by default sql data of folder sql/*.php

choose Nej and Click Installera the database will be reset by empty

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