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This repository contains the following material:

  • Manifest files to build the desktop.
  • General issue tracker.
  • Wiki.


Manifest files describe the project structure and is used by git-repo to fetch all the packages repositories.

How to use it

To prepare for cloning, perform the following procedure:

  1. Create ~/bin/ subdirectory, include it in PATH, and then switch to it by executing the following commands:
mkdir ~/bin/
  1. Download the repo script by executing the following command:
curl > ~/bin/repo
  1. Change the attribute of repo to make it executable by executing the command:
chmod a+x ~/bin/repo
  1. Create a new directory for Hawaii and then switch to it by executing the following commands:
mkdir ~/hawaii
cd ~/hawaii

Clone latest sources

To clone the latest source of all projects over SSH, perform the following procedure:

  1. Initialize the repository by executing one of the following commands, as appropriate.

For developer access:

repo init -u ssh://

For read-only access:

repo init -u
  1. Synchronize the repository by executing the following command:
repo sync

Get ready for development

repo doesn't create local branches for you, hence you end up with a detached head that points to the last known good commit.

Before you start developing make sure you have local branches:

repo forall -c 'git checkout $REPO_RREV'

Now set git to use the commit template that will help you write good commit messages:

ROOTDIR=$(pwd) repo forall -c 'git config commit.template $ROOTDIR/misc/repotools/.commit-template'

General issue tracker

Click on the Issues tab and submit issues.


Click on the Wiki tab, read and/or write new content.

Alternatively you can clone the Wiki repository, work on your local system and push the changes back.

Clone the repository with:

git clone
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