Roadmap to Hawaii 0.7.0

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This document lists all the feature planned for Hawaii 0.7.0, it's a living document that will be updated until this version is released.

Features implemented

  • Port to QtWaylandCompositor
  • New compositor API that takes advantage of QtWaylandCompositor
  • Window manager component that unifies wl_shell, xdg_shell, gtk_shell
  • Customizable window animations via QML code
  • Qt-style API for Wayland clients
  • Screenshooter protocol and client/server implementation
  • Screenshooter application
  • Enable hidpi scaling
  • Improve Green Island CMake configuration
  • Fix keymap settings
  • Move windows holding Meta and dragging
  • Update gtk_shell protocol to version 2
  • Wayland EGL device integration
  • Improve idle manager
  • org.freedesktop.ScreenSaver idle inhibit/uninhibit
  • Improve hot corners appearance
  • Work around issues with screens reporting invalid physical size
  • Disable ptrace for more security
  • Load shell QML code from resources for more security
  • Disable frame callbacks on powered off outputs
  • Implement libinput absolute position motion
  • Improve present windows effect layout
  • Lock session turns the screen off
  • Set session as idle with systemd
  • Port to Qt.labs.controls
  • Qt Virtual Keyboard support
  • D-Bus activatable workspace applications
  • systemd idle inhibit/uninhibit

Features partially implemented

  • Make the images installable: blocked by Calamares 1.x crash

Features not yet implemented

  • Qt Virtual Keyboard packages