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* Restaurant Finder *
* CS 80 *
* June 2011 *
* Santa Monica College *
* Garrett Hawes *
* 1293097 *
My roommate and I eat out a lot and are fairly indecisive about where to eat. This program is designed to help with that problem by outputting a list, in random order, of the restaurants that meet certain criteria. Originally, my plan was to write an algorithm that weighted choices based on criteria like when we last ate there, our tendency to select one restaurant over another, and similar factors. Having said that, I underestimated the amount of time required when working with a new language. To manage restaurant choices or categories visit their respective admin sections. For ease with respect to data entry, I have allowed for the opportunity of entering restaurants by MenuPages URL. The categories to the left are dynamically generated from the database. Feel free to add, remove, or change any data that you need to. I did not write any functional test for rails, as I am not at that point in terms of my learning curve. Please use the css validation link below as I have used some css 3 and you need to pass css3 to the validator via URL.
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