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This is a course scheduler for students at St. Olaf College. You give it your areas of study (majors, concentrations, degrees), the courses you have taken and are planning to take, and it tells you if you can graduate or not.

We have a trello board where we track which areas of study we are working on; if you have one in particular that you want us to work on next, let us know by either voting on the Trello card or emailing us!


  1. Visit – Gobbldygook currently supports every major browser, except for IE (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Safari 10+, and Microsoft Edge).

  2. Push "New Student": you can either choose to import your data from the SIS, write down your information manually, or import a previously-exported student file.

  3. Search for the courses you have taken and are planning on taking, and drag them into the appropriate semesters. – Make sure to choose the right offering for each semester! – If you use the "search" button on a semester, it will automatically limit your search to just that semester, which might be helpful.

Techincal Requirements

A browser needs to support:

  • IndexedDB
  • Promises
  • ES6 Map, Set
  • ES6 Generator Functions


  • Prerequisites: node.js, at least v7 and git.
  • git clone
  • cd gobbldygook
  • yarn install
  • yarn start

You can see additional commands by executing npm run with no arguments.


You can file an issue via github, or you can send an email to the email listed on my Github profile.


  • Initial concept from @xandrasings
  • Final project for Software Design, @hawkrives and @xandrasings
  • So much of the internet.
  • Teammate for January 2015: @drewvolz
  • Professor Hanson, for agreeing to be our advisor over Interim 2014


2018 – October

Screenshot, october 2018

2015 – September

Screenshot, september 2015

2014 - September

Screenshot, september 2014

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