Crash error on Windows 7, 32 bit #1182

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danaorourke commented Mar 31, 2013

The user Food4Less has reported an issue on his computer.

Attempting to pick up the white crystal in the black caverns causes his instance to crash. From what I've been able to determine, the following screen displays and then hangs. I am unsure if the bug causes the game to finish crashing, or if it keeps displaying the given screenshot.

The user says the error was repeatable, on his end.


However, the screenshot suggests that it is a problem with the error message on the door, before getting the crystal.


edisonout commented Apr 3, 2013

I've tested this on my machine (also Windows 7 32-bit) and can't recreate this. I'm also incapable of getting the error message & picking up the white crystal at the same time.


didory123 commented May 1, 2013

I too am on Windows 7, and I don't get this error. However, I think there are enough reports of this bug out on the subreddit that we should look into this issue further. My guess is that it's hardware specific or something wonky with LOVE though.


didory123 commented May 13, 2013

@NimbusBP1729 Someone else is having this problem, this is turning out to be a significant issue.


kyleconroy commented May 14, 2013

So there isn't a stack trace? Just LOVE stopping?


NimbusBP1729 commented May 14, 2013

yup. Which means to me it's probably getting stuck in an infinite(or finite and long) loop. If this happened predictably, Lua hooks would help a lot.

Unfortunately, I can't reproduce this.


kyleconroy commented May 14, 2013

Closing as we can't reproduce

@kyleconroy kyleconroy closed this May 14, 2013


Protuhj commented Jun 18, 2013

Reopening, because it is definitely an issue.

@Protuhj Protuhj reopened this Jun 18, 2013


Protuhj commented Jun 18, 2013

This issue is similar to the following love issue:

The basic issue is that if a font glyph doesn't exist in the list of glyphs, some graphics drivers will bomb when trying to display it, hence the reason the program is bombing on the underscore. (The name of the key is white_crystal.png, the underscore is what is breaking this, I think)

Protuhj added a commit to Protuhj/hawkthorne-journey that referenced this issue Jun 18, 2013

Renames the white crystal
This should fix the white crystal issue (#1182), which is related to:

The underscore isn't in our font glyphs, and some graphics drivers crash
while trying to print a zero-width glyph to the graphics device.

didory123 commented Jun 18, 2013

@Protuhj Someone get this man all the medals in the world. We should get the people with the errors to test this though, make sure it works


Protuhj commented Jun 18, 2013

Right.. If I knew how to create the release, I would make a special one to get to someone to test.


CalebJohn commented Jul 21, 2013

This is fixed isn't it? If it's still an issue someone should re-open it

@CalebJohn CalebJohn closed this Jul 21, 2013

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