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I think that it's time to re-evaluate the future for controller support in Hawkthorne, the further we get and the more we add it's seeming to be more and more constricting being limited to so few buttons and keys. This pertains mainly to the cheat screen and certain actions such as kicking and punching.

What I suggest is limiting the main game to 9 different keys but allowing use of the keyboard for "extended" play features, such as the cheat screen and notes. This would mean regular gameplay is still optimized for use with a controller but if you want to use cheats or notes you have to use the keyboard (which shouldn't be a big deal since as far as i know there is no plan to extend support to other consoles).

Obviously this is up for debate, but I think this could help make the game feel smoother without taking away from gameplay.

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+1 for this. While the idea of making it SNES compatible is nice, the truth is the majority of players will be playing on PC. This will help lessen many of their frustrations.


Would it be possible to have an option in the menu that allows you to toggle full keyboard support? When turned off, the game would function the same way it does not, but when turned on, these features would be activated. That way, controllers are fully functional, but don't bog down keyboard features.

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I like metaridleyX's idea - it's in the players settings whether they chose to use keyboard or controller (i.e. ATTACK button) for the cheat screen.

I feel that we shouldn't be limiting ourselves to a fixed number of buttons purely so it works on a certain type of controller but at the same time we shouldn't go overboard with adding more buttons to the game just because we can.

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I think that accepting that we are going to be on the desktop is fine. As long as you can still use the arrow keys to type (if someone is using a controller), I'm fine with this.

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