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Tile collisions #1891

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Fix #1884. This is an inprogress shot of replacing the collision detection with precise detection. The following levels have been adjusted

  • Town (ignore the weird blocks and ramps)
  • Valley Sandpits 2
  • Valley 2

What I need from everyone else is testing. Pull down the branch and test. You'll need to jump straight to those levels I listed above (otherwise it will crash).

@edisonout I'm really looking for you to test, since you've had trouble with our slopes before.

Also note, enemies and nodes and a bunch of other stuff is broken as well.

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Enemies are falling off, but I assume that's eventually going to be fixed later? Also, in the sandpits, for the moving platforms that go back and forth horizontally, you can stand in midair on the part that's sticking out even when the player isn't directly on top of the platform. Killing floor and climbable nodes don't seem to work for some reason either. But otherwise, slopes look much much better.

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It seems like when you walk off the edge of the block you drop extra fast, or is that just me? either way I'm loving this it feels more natural.

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@didory123 yep, all those issues are known and will be fixed. I'm just looking for feedback on the physics of things. @CalebJohn I agree, I'm not sure what's up with that. I think it has to do with me not setting player.velocity back to 0

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👍 👍 👍

All working well for me. I can slightly walk into wall in sandpits-2 but that looks like it's just how the blue boxes have been placed in the tmx.

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danhp commented Nov 13, 2013

It seems that tip calculation isn't perfect.

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Do you want any help with this? Not sure how much use I'd be coding, but could definitely help out with Tiled.

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Tile collisions #2139

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