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Hawkular Alerting Tutorial

Welcome to the Hawkular Alerting (hAlerting) tutorial! This step by step lesson guide will help you quickly become productive with hAlerting. The lessons are designed to build knowledge by going through them in order. Of course it’s also fine to jump around to brush up on a specific topic as needed. Even if you’ve been here before you’ll probably want to check in with lesson-01, just to make sure your tutorial environment is where you need it to be. Thanks, and Enjoy!

There are two directories here:


All of the student materials are in ./lessons and that is where you will want your home directory to be while working with the tutorial. You can ignore the ./docker directory, it is the source code for building the tutorial’s docker container. The docker container is already published and should be freely available for use. Just follow the directions in lesson-01.

We are adding lessons as time permits, there is plenty here to get started! The tutorial today:

On Deck (want to contribute?):

  1. Lesson 09 - Group Triggers

  2. Lesson 10 - Clustering

  3. more…​