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Hawkular Build Tools

Build Status

Contains resources used during the build of other Hawkular projects:

  • The configuration for Checkstyle in src/main/resources/hawkular-checkstyle directory.

  • - an extension for Checkstyle to enforce indentation in XML files.

  • A license header template to be used by com.mycila:license-maven-plugin in src/main/resources/hawkular-license/jboss-apache-2-template.txt.

  • - an extension of license-maven-plugin to set copyright years range based on git history.

  • IDE configuration files - import these in your IDE so your IDE can format files according to Hawkular style rules.

    • ide-configs/eclipse - Eclipse preferences for code style. The names of the files in here indicates where you should import these files. e.g, hawkular-eclipse-preferences-java-codestyle-cleanup.xml should be imported in Preferences > Java > Code Style > Cleanup.