Web presence of Hawkular
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Web presence of Hawkular

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When pushing a commit into this branch, the site is automatically built and published to http://hawkular.github.io Most likely the content of the website you are looking for is here.

Building the site on localhost

  1. git clone https://github.com/hawkular/hawkular.github.io

  2. git checkout pages

  3. Provided Maven is installed, run one of following commands:

    • mvn Simply runs jbake and generate the site into target/website dir.

    • mvn -Pwatch Polls a folder and run jbake whenever changes happen.

    • mvn -Pinline Same as -Pwatch, but also launches an embedded winstone container that by default listens on http://localhost:8080. Additionally you may want to use -Djbake.port=X -Djbake.listenAddress=Y.

Variable Substitution

All files inside the templates directory can contain ${config.property_name} and all files in content can use {property_name}. The key-value pairs are declared in jbake.properties file, so for example with the "property_name" the line would look like property_name=whatever (no "config" prefix here).

If you want to enforce the attribute substitution in Asciidoc, say, inside source block or other block, where the attribute substitution isn’t enabled by detault, use ,subs="+attributes" like in here.